Projects . Ongoing
Game industry job crawler.

connected4 [demo] . Summer 2011
The classic game of connect 4 with a few twists.

p4search [code, binary, video] . Spring 2009
Sync Perforce changelists and search them locally. Described on the official Perforce Software blog as "very slick". Used python and wxPython.

mapflood [demo] . Summer 2008
Optimization for pathfinding on tile based maps. Used processing.js and ran in the browser.

lbpc [video] . Summer 2007
LittleBigPlanet Clone. Side-scrolling physics demo inspired by the LittleBigPlanet teaser videos. Used C++ and ODE.

ps3-backgammon [description, paper] . Winter/Spring 2007
Implemented backgammon game rules and UI (both text-based and X GUI) from scratch. Added AI that evaluated boards using the PS3's SPUs and Gerry Tesauro's pubeval function. Trained my own zero-sum board evaluator using temporal difference learning. Used C++.